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What We Offer


Come with us to Nepal, meet the people, learn the culture, taste the food, take the memories back and leave no footprints.


Sherpa Tours is about travelling with and supporting locals on authentic, small group tours in Nepal, all of which are provided with highly affordable personalised service.


Nepal is an exotic destination. More than 60% of Himalayas lie in Nepal. Eight of the fourten highest mountains in the world are in this country.


Our products are a combination of this exotic destination with nature programs e.g. trekking, scenic tours, off-the beaten paths. We provide exposure to unique and compelling experiences through local and cultural interaction.


Our products include:

  • a wide range of trips to Nepal, including trekking  and mountain biking trips, high action adventure tours focussing on climbing, white water rafting and skydiving, sightseeing tours, including scenic tours of the Himalayas, safaris and bird watching trips, cultural trips including homestays, festival tours and visits to religious sites such as monasteries and temples, and luxury packages featuring mountain tours at low altitudes, yoga, Ayurvedic spa and massage, meditation and reiki sessions;
  • journeys to less explored regions in Nepal which allow us to share numerous local treasures normally hidden from view;
  • sustainable trips in rural settings that support local economies, incorporating interaction with local families, homestay experiences, volunteering in local communities and funding of child education via donations taken from company revenue;
  • options to extend trips to other Himalayan countries, including India, China (Tibet) and Bhutan (entry and visa processes to Tibet and Bhutan are easier from Nepal);
  • fully inclusive and customised packages to suit the particular needs of prospective travellers;     
  • comprehensive service –  from beginning to  end – at an excellent standard, with personalised care all at a highly competitive price;
  • free expert advice based on grass roots knowledge relating to all aspects of Nepal, including language, customs, geography and wildlife, in order to help travellers prepare thoroughly for their trips.



Sherpa Tours is proud to offer you the chance to completely customise your trip to Nepal so that you can have all the experiences you desire. We will work one on one with you to create a travel itinerary that best represents your interests and needs, offering unlimited free consultations to maximise the personal benefits of your trip. You will be in control of where you go and what you see.



When a client customises a trip for a group booking, he/she can base it on the needs of his/her particular group, choosing which activities the group members would like to engage in and which places they would like to visit. He/she is also able to select the departure date that will best suit the group. As few as two travellers can choose to travel as a private group and customise their trip and departure dates rather than join a fixed departure group. Depending on the package selected, there may or may not be a modest extra cost incurred for private group travel; usually there is no additional charge.


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