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Our Story


The Sherpas, renowned for their whole-hearted hospitality and loyalty, are the inspiration behind the company that is Sherpa Tours. Originally a Tibetan tribe, the Sherpas migrated to northern Nepal over a century ago, settling in the previously uninhabited Himalayan mountains of the region and establishing an extraordinarily rich culture that is still alive today. Sherpa culture is central to what Everest and its surrounds are now: a region replete with spirituality. Colourful prayer flags flap in the alpine breezes that dance around the mountainsides, sending blessings upon the winds, charming monasteries, symbolic of a hidden world untouched by modernism, instil peace and tranquillity in the hearts of travellers, and intriguing stone sculptures each tell a story steeped in mysticism. Brave, adventurous and unique, the Sherpas revel in the opportunity to share their heritage.


The concept of Sherpa Tours was borne out of discussions between founder and numerous visitors to Nepal from Western countries including Australia. A universal view taken by the travellers was that Nepal has so much to offer the world at large apart from the commonly visited tourist attractions that typically draw people to the country. It was clear from the travellers’ comments that there was a real need for tours that offered genuine local experiences with a strong cultural connection. Inspired by these discussions, co-owner Dipak Dhamala set out to establish a boutique tour company that would bring authentic Nepali culture directly to the tourist while immersing visitors in the pristine, unspoiled wilderness environment of the Himalayas.


Sherpa Tours is unique amongst tour companies specializing in Nepal: apart from enabling the tourist to explore the pristine natural environment of the Himalayas in considerably greater depth, we provide so much more authentic cultural interaction with locals, thereby allowing travellers to truly experience the real Nepal. Following in the footsteps of the Sherpas, we are totally committed to offering you heartfelt hospitality and a chance to see Nepal in all its traditional splendour.


The opportunity to become immersed in the unknown treasures of this majestic country is now available.




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