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Kailash Tour Manager profile


Pramod Khatiwada - Kailash Mansarovar Tour Manager


Pramod Khatiwada is co-founder of Sherpa Hike Australia Pty Ltd and also the owner/director of this company. He specialises in providing highly personalised care and service to all his clients. To ensure high quality of service in Kailash tours, he personally spends time in understanding each Kailash Yatrie's situation, interests, desires and requirements then works with his Nepal and Tibet team to make the yatra happen for the yatries as desired.



1. Working with Nepalese Consulate Office in the state of Victoria, Australia

As a volunteer, Pramod Khatiwada also represents Nepalese consulate office for all Nepal tourism promotion matters. As part of this responsibility, Pramod has helped the consulate office put together fantastic trade shows in 5 star hotels in Melbourne for several years by coordinating all event activities with the office and other volunteers.


At Hilton, Melbourne, 2014, Pramod Launching #enjoynepal campaing in Australia to promote tourism of Nepal in Australia.

At Hilton Hotel. Pramod is second from the left.


This Nepal tourism promotion campaign being covered in Australian local media and highlighting coordination effort of Pramod

Article published in local media


Pramod addressing the Travel Agents from Victoria at Hilton, Melbourne.

Pramod addressing the travel agents from Victoria



2. In Media

As a director of Sherpa Hike Australia and as a representator of Nepal consulate office in Victoria, Pramod Khatiwada had opportunities to express his opinions and knowledge with prominent Australian media.

i). National Radios

   With ABC National Radio AustraliaRRR Radio

Click here to read/hear interview with ABC radio

Click here to hear interview with RRR radio


ii) Publication

Our company and our unique Bisket Festival tour was covered in detail in one of the international travel magazines published from Australia.

Get Lost Travel Magazine  


3. Charity and community

Pramod in his personal life and also as a director of Sherpa Hike Australia has been involved in charity work and donations to ensure more under privileged children in remote parts of the Himalayas are educated

Pramod donating Computer to a local school in Nepal  Pramod alongside philantrophist Savitree Khatiwada



4. Travel

Pramod likes to travel seeking adventure from hiking and cycling and also enjoys meeting different people in his tour. Here are some of the pictures as a sneak peek to his journeys.





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