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Nepal has a growing economy and development taking place, however, it is still considered by the UN as a third world country and a country of low human development based on the Human Development Index. For this reason, volunteering in Nepal is increasingly popular with foreigners from developed countries who want to help. Much of rural Nepal is below the poverty line and volunteering in these areas is most beneficial. The locals are very appreciative of this help and form heartfelt connections with these volunteer visitors.


For those interested in volunteering in Nepal, Sherpa Tours can help find options that utilise your time and skills rather than the donation of hefty amounts of money. Sherpa Tours can also help you incorporate volunteering into your travel itinerary.



  • Helping in medical camps.
  • Helping in orphanages.
  • Helping in aged care centres (which are non-commercial and poorly managed).
  • Helping in animal conservation.
  • Helping the INGO-Bird conservation Nepal.
  • Teaching children in schools-this can be for a day, few days or longer to suit you.
  • Participating in volunteering projects such as; developing school buildings, medical camps and painting. These projects generally run for 2-3 weeks. For groups, customised projects with suitable duration can be organised. Participants are required to raise the funds necessary to carry out these projects.


Volunteering in Nepal is worth considering, a positive boost for all involved.


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