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To seek beauty, not only out in the nature of the Himalayas, but also in your own soul. This is where one can find inner peace, harmony and happiness.


Spirituality runs right through the heart and soul of Nepal. With more gods & goddesses then people, more temples then houses, it is present in many day to day aspects of life. Whether in the countryside or city you really grasp the feel of harmony with numerous religions being practiced in peace side by side. The ethnic unity and religious harmony maintained by the Nepalese against such diversity is truly remarkable and has been acknowledged internationally.  A strong blend of Hinduism and Buddhism is widely prevalent throughout the country, a common link between the two being the theory of Karma. Many religious structures inside the Kathmandu Valley hint at the closeness of the two religions.


Generally speaking the Nepalese Hindu population are of Indo-Aryan origin and Buddhism being from the Tibetan-Mongoloid origin.  Other religious influences include; Bon Animism, Tantrism and Shamanism. Christianity and Islam are also practiced in small percentages.



  • Street side temples and shrines.
  • Many, many festivals year round.
  • Architecture showing gods/goddesses from different religions.
  • Prayer flags flapping in the winds.
  • Influences in art such as Thangka and Mithila paintings, song, dance and dramas depicting gods, goddesses, immortals and demons.
  • Importance of meditation, sacred in both Hindu and Buddhist faiths.


This rich, spiritual side of Nepal is a drawing card for those interested in yoga, meditation, and well-being.  Some choose to study at monasteries in the aim of enlightenment and self-improvement.

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