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Nepal trekking tours and high adventures


Nepal trekking tours which include high altitude adventures from Australia is done in hilly regions or continuing higher up to mountaineous region. The hilly region that lies below the mountaneous region, together with the mountaneous region provide many varieties of trekking trails from short to long, easy to challenging or low to high altitude. Many among them are less explored and hence less crowded even in high trekking seasons.


Here in this page, we are detailing all trekking tours in Nepal and high adventures that are in the less crowded regions of the country. Nepal is the perfect place to get off the beaten track and participate in Indigenous treks and village tourism, supporting community. By choosing this, both the trekkers and locals benefit immensely. These programs have been developed with all in mind and are highly sustainable, maximising the benefits to the local community and rural economy.



  • Enjoy a fully organised expedition style camping trek to wild and lofty places with the comfort of sleeping in tents and eating three hearty meals a day prepared by trained cooks throughout the trek.

  • Enjoy trekking and exploring equally beautiful regions while avoiding the many tourists attracted to the Everest/Annapurna areas.

  • Many, many smiling & ethnically diverse faces of the Nepali people.

  • Visitors are warmly welcomed by the locals and shown the rich traditions of elaborate, indigenous costumes and ethnic cultural song & dances.

  • Trails may pass through traditional ethnic communities where life, culture and the arts have remained unchanged since the beginning of settlement.

  • Opportunities to stay in Community run Home-stays, which really allow you the chance to get to know the locals and culture. This is something not to be missed.

  • Sharing an authentic Nepali meal with the locals.

  • First hand participation in the many festivals celebrated in Nepal.

  • Passing ancient temples and monasteries showing the spiritually rich countryside.

  • Panoramic views of various mountain ranges, natural hot springs and waterfalls creating lasting memories.

  • Majestic landscapes of the alpine terrain, flat meadows, rhododendron forest and terraced fields.

  • A true insight into the life style of the local villages.

  • Witnessing the conservation undertaken by the locals.

  • Knowing that you are creating special memories and experiences for yourself while supporting the local community and contributing to a sustainable future for rural Nepal.



Nepal trekking which include high altitude adventures in remote areas will involve camping and trekking. Such trekking adventures can require some extra planning or organisation. Sherpa Tours will help in all aspects of planning to ensure an enjoyable experience on your trip. We will arrange the local assistance needed for the trip, equipment/tent hire and permits that are required for some areas. Some of the remote areas we can take you are;

  • Kanchenjunga region trekking - The third highest mountain located on the Indian boarder. It is a strenuous trek up to the base camp. We can arrange transfers from Kathmandu to the start of this trek.

  • Dolpa region trekking - Visit the remote Land of Bon also known as Upper Dolpa. Strong Tibetan influences are prominent in this region. Lower Dolpa can be reached by plane.

  • Narr-Phu Valley trekking - Recommended for camping style treks, taking around 9 days from Koto to Ngawal. The Tibetan valley is just north of the Annapurna circuit and was only opened to visitors in 2002.

  • Guerrilla Trek Nepal - A recently opened trail in the Himalayan region. Here you will see the treks and hideouts used by the guerrillas during the 1996-2006 conflict. This peaceful walk passes lush valley and dramatic waterfalls and is quite different to more commercialised trails. You will explore astonishing rural landscape and unique culture full of mystique.

  • Indigenous Peoples Trail Nepal - This is a first of its kind in Nepal. This trek is through relatively low elevation areas (3,000m or below) and along the way you will encounter many of the ethnic groups and cultures of Nepal.  Stretching from Annapurna and Dhaulagiri in the West to Numburchuili and Kanchenjunga in the East, exposing trekkers to the most culturally diverse regions of Nepal. It provides stunning natural beauty and marvellous viewpoints along the way.



Lodging at tea-houses is a great alternative to camping.

  • Manaslu region trekking - Manaslu has become one of Nepal’s newest tea-house treks with the construction of a lodge below the Larkya La pass. The unspoilt trails pass through remote villages and over a wild pass to circuit the 8,000m high mountain. Sherpa Tours will arrange the necessary permits and guides that are required to explore the extremely interesting Tsum Valley and Manalsu area.

  • Makalu region trekking - The Makalu base camp can now be reached using tea-house accommodations. This remote and rarely visited trek is considered to be quite tough and for serious trekkers. Here you will have incredible views all to yourself and share the company of wildlife. 



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