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Nepal tours from India, Tibet or Bhutan


Your trekking tour or cultural journey in Nepal from Australia can be extended to combine the countries in Himalayas in any of the following order:

i) tour of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan

ii) tour of Nepal and Tibet

iii) tour of Nepal and Bhutan

iv) tour of Nepal and India

v) tour from Nepal to India, Tibet and Bhutan


While traveling to Nepal, you may wish to extend your trip to India, Tibet or Bhutan in any combination or order. Sherpa Tours can help you incorporate this into your travel itinerary based on what you wish to experience in these countries.



India is a journey for all senses. The second most populous country; it is a bustling mix of ethnic and cultural diversity. The natural landscapes range from warm sandy beached to snow-capped mountains. Known for spice, bazaars, spirituality, extravagant celebrations and just about anything in-between. Confronting and eye opening, India is frequently dubbed the world’s most multidimensional place.



Tibet is the land of Snows. Tibet is plateau region north-east of the Himalayas; it is the highest region on earth with an average elevation of 4,900metres. Tibet has a very checked political history and consequently many Tibetans have sought refuge in neighbouring Nepal. Tibetan Buddhism strongly influences much of the unique culture from the crafts to architecture. A remarkable place struggling to keep its own identity, Tibet is rich in history and culture.  A visit to the rebuilt monasteries shows the peace and determination within the Tibetan people. A country that truly warms the human spirit while opening one’s eyes to the plight of the Tibetan people.



Bhutan is the land of the Thunder Dragon. Located in the eastern end of the Himalayas, Bhutan is bordered by China & India. Bhutanese tradition is influenced by its Buddhist heritage, the rich and unique culture remains untouched by the outside world. The country prides itself upon an ecofriendly and sustainable approach in relation to the country’s philosophy of Gross Nation Happiness. Steeped in tradition and natural beauty, Bhutan is full of surprises and the inhabitants are known as being well educated, fun loving and vibrant. There really isn’t anywhere quite like Bhutan.

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