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Why Visit NEPAL

  • it is affordable;
  • new and undiscovered destination;
  • full of sustainable travel opportunities;
  • full of nature, e.g. the highest mountain in the world, the longest and most beautiful mountain range in the world, most of the 8000m high mountains in the world, deepest gorge in the world, numerous glacial rivers and alipine lakes waiting to be explored and so on....



Namaste- The most common greeting in Nepal literally meaning “my salutations to you”.


Nepal, nestled between China and India in Southern Asia, is the meeting place of the Indo-Aryan people of India and the Mongoloid people of the Himalayas. With a population of 27.47 million people (2012) from over 100 different ethnic groups, Nepal has been internationally recognised as being one of the most peaceful multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural countries in the world.  Cultural tolerance is important to the Nepalese way of life and this plurality of cultures is what has given Nepalese society its vibrant and lively character.


The two main religions are Buddhism and Hinduism, followed by Christianity and Islam, resulting in a rich and colourful spectrum of festivals and rituals celebrated frequently throughout the year.  Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha.  The sacred site of Lumbini, situated in the foothills of the Himalayas is one of the four holy places of Buddhism.


It is home to three main cultural and geographical zones running east to west; The Himalayas, the Midland and the Terai, each hosting its own diverse range of ethnic groups, cultural heritage and environmental beauty.


Nepal is land of stunning scenery from the snow- capped peaks of the Himalayas to the untouched jungle in the Terai area, all hosting a range of wildlife. The indigenous traditions and lifestyles can be seen throughout the cities and into the villages, providing a spectacular display of the arts, history, costumes, dance, food and teahouses.


While Nepal has always been a popular destination for trekking and adventure, it is becoming increasingly popular to travellers wanting to experience the wide range of culture on offer. A country of never ending smiles and a population keen to share their culture, Nepal is a must see.

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