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Nepal is highly regarded by ornithologists and birdwatchers throughout the world as an important destination of great significance. For a small country, Nepal is rich in avifauna with a total of 862 species (both resident and migrant). The migrations of birds to the Himalayas are a reason Nepal is popular for bird watching. Tied into the rich biodiversity and landscape variations, bird watching can take place throughout the beautiful countryside.




Kathmandu Valley is a common resting area for migrating birds, with the Tibetan border to the North & Indian border to the South. The Valley is known to have up to 534 species, including 18 threatened species.


Annapurna Sanctuary

Hosting 486 bird species in this lush sub-tropical forest basin of the Modi River. Many species of birds have made this area home and are rare to find elsewhere. The Area of the Kali Gandaki valley in considered as avian dividing line between the Himalayas.



This heavily forested area is a haven for Nepali birds; around 540 species are known to this area and includes two thirds of the country’s threatened species. Consisting of grasslands, tropical and pine forests, the species are diverse and abundant.


Godavari Botanical Gardens

This plantation contains exotic and local flora attracting a beautiful display of birds and a paradise for birdwatchers. Ideally visited during the week to maximise bird spotting as it is a popular picnic area over the weekends.


Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

This protected wetland area is host to an annual festival organised the locals. This week long bird festival commences on the International Wetlands Day, February 2nd. Cultural programs are organised including free bird watching tours of the reserve.

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