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nepal travel tips-tipping


When it comes to tipping a guide or a porter on your Nepal travel, we would advise to be generous. Tipping is expected by staff on trek or cultural tour. With a generously paid tips in Australian dollar, you will be making a difference to hard working and struggling families in the remote parts of Nepal. If you are happy with the services provided, a tip - though not compulsory - is appropriate. Although the culture of tipping may not be part of your own culture, it is nonetheless part of the culture in South Asia and it is often the way some people supplement their earnings. Tipping has also become an accepted part of the tourism culture in the region.


On our trips, your tour leader can advise you on this matter; however, as a guideline we would recommend a tip of 5-10% in restaurants ( these days restaurants include service charge in bill in Nepal) and AU $1 to AU $2 per person, per day for a local guide. The bellboys at hotels will appreciate a small tip for carrying your bags.

It is also customary to tip your tour leader at the end of the trip, if you are happy with his/her service. A minimum tip of AU $3 per day from each member of the group is the standard amount expected.


We recommend that any tips are given to the intended recipient by a member of your group, rather than collected and passed on by the group leader.

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