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Nepal travel and tourism information and advice

When travelling to Nepal from Australia, a good planning is necessary utilising following information covering various topics related to tourism in the country. 


Important update:

All travellers to Nepal, please note that Traveller Cheques are not accepted in Nepal from 17th September 2013.


Speed of work

The working style may be slow especially in government offices, corporations and even in lot of private companies. The government officials, whether it be in immigration or tourist offices may be slow in taking actions. This speed of work impacts travel and tourism in Nepal when it comes to issuance of visa, permit and other related documents by government officials.



When travelling in Nepal, you will notice that the roads in cities seem narrower, over-crowded and chaotic. The timing of public transport, flights may not be dependable. The communication by authorities about such delays may not be timely and clear.


Travelling in this area is travelling at its most adventurous but also at its most basic.

What type of person will enjoy Himalayan destinations more than others

People travelling to Nepal are mostly those people who are flexible, positive and eager to take on all the challenges that arise in these regions.


NOTE: At the time of your booking of a trip, we provide detail trip note including what to expect in Nepal, cultural tips, preparation and responsible travelling.

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