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For all Australian travellers visiting Nepal, it makes an economical and practical sense to consider buying required gears in Nepal. A huge variety of hiking and camping gear (boots, gloves, clothes, sleeping mats/bags etc.) can be purchased in Nepal. An authorised dealer of Northface products is open in the heart of Thamel, Kathmandu. Anything you need or forget to bring can be purchased here before you set out on your adventure. Items such as sleeping bags and down jackets are available to purchase or hire. The prices are well below what you’d expect to pay in Australia with a choice of low-high products depending on your needs.




Some popular gift ideas and souvenirs to bring from your Nepal tour

  • Dhaka topi - This is the National dress hat of Nepal, made from distinct patterned fabric and worn with pride. This is lightweight and foldable so it makes a great gift to bring back home.
  • Pashmina - Known for their soft and luxurious feel and natural colours, pashminas (shawls) are made from the inner wool of Himalayan lambs. Very popular with women as Nepali pashminas are of the highest quality worldwide and are always a warm & fashionable accessory.
  • Yak wool Blankets - Ultra soft yak wool is woven into these extremely warm and surprisingly lightweight blankets, ranging in size from a small knee throw to full sized blankets for beds. The colour choice is endless and spectacular; these make a great lasting souvenir to take home.
  • Himalayan Coffee and Tea - Available in many sized packs and all kinds of packaging from reusable zip purses to ornate wooden boxes. These make great gifts as they are easy to carry around with you. The quality of Nepali Coffee is gaining worldwide fame as the climatic conditions in the Himalayas are just perfect for coffee production. Tea is available in many varieties to suit all tastes.
  • Mithila Painting - Indigenous paintings and artwork are becoming very popular as tourist souvenirs. Produced by the local indigenous people, they make an authentic Nepali gift which also provides income and help for the sustainability of the rural people.
  • Thangka - This painted and embroidered artwork is known worldwide for their religious depictions.
  • Khukuri - The traditional curved knife of the renowned Ghurkhas. It is said that those purchased from Bhojpur in the East of Nepal are the most authentic of Ghurkha knives.
  • Jewellery and Gems - You only have to look at the stunning jewellery worn by the local Nepali women to Nepal is the place to purchase something unique and special. Made from gold, silver and semi-precious gemstones. Often well below the prices common in Australia and customised jewellery can be made for you, either from a design you have or from suggestions from local jewellers.
  • Wooden Sculptures and Carvings - The talented work from Newer artisans has been passed down through generations and you can purchase the fine hand work in wooden carvings and sculptures. Often presented as religious deities, models of temples & stupors, ornate detailed boxes; the choice is endless.
  • Designer brand products - For those into big named brands such as; Gucci, Christian Dior, Nike, Chanel, will enjoy shopping at Nepal’s department stores where prices are unbeatable.


It is good to note that antiques can’t be taken out of Nepal. The Department of Archaeology can provide examination and certificates to items named as antiques before you leave Nepal, however it is also good to see that such antiques genuinely belong in Nepal.

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