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Food and Drinks


Nepal travel and tourism advice - how to best enjoy food and drinks in Nepal


All our Australian travellers tell us that the authentic Nepali cuisine is delicious and worth trying, it is also an economical way of eating during your trip. Westernised food is often available in the more tourist orientated areas such as Thamel, Kathmandu and Lakeside, Pokhara.


Clean drinking water is readily available and your tour guide will advise you on safe water drinking stations throughout your travels. Upon booking a tour, Sherpa Tours will provide advice on hygienic eating while in Nepal. As a general rule; ensure your drinking water is clean, avoid ice cubes in drinks and “if you can peel it” it will be safe to eat in reference to fresh produce.


It is quite unknown that Nepal offers a fine dining experience with high quality food prepared to a standard known in the west.  As well as offering very hygienically prepared food, some of these fine dining restaurants (particularly in Kathmandu) will offer a cultural show along with dinner.


Eating in locally known eateries gives you the opportunity to taste some of the unique spices and herbs used in authentic Nepali cuisine. These are great places to visit and compare the local food varieties throughout your travels as Nepali cuisine can change depending on where you are geographically.


Nepal is home to some very unique delicacies and for those interested in crazy and adventurous foods, you can have the opportunity to taste test some of them.  Goat’s blood pudding, fried goats brains and many other offal are just some of these delicacies.


Your food and dining experiences have been carefully selected by Sherpa Tours to give you an authentic taste and feel of Nepali cuisine.  Some tours have included fine dining or taste testing however if your chosen tour does not include this and it’s something of interest to you, please let us know and we will find a way to accommodate it into your trip so you don’t miss out on the experience.

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