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Sherpa Tour's Association



We are lifelong member of Bird conservation Nepal (BCN) in support of conserving bio-diversity of NEPAL.


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We coordinate volunteering programs for travellers with Bird Conservation Nepal. Its office is conveniently located in Kathmandu. Volunteering activities include helping  in office works and field works. There will be an opportunity to join a free Bird Watching session at times.


Please express your interest at the time of booking a trip with us.



We are committed to sustainable tourism in Nepal. In this regard, we actively promote Great Himalaya trail (GHT), Nepal which is fundamental to the rural development in this country.


We follow the norms set by Great Himalaya Trail and support the International Non-profit Organisation, SNV, in its promotion of GHT Nepal.


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KEEP (Kathmandu Environmental Education Project)

KEEP is one of the leading eco-tourism NGOs in Nepal and have links to inernational organisations in Europpe, USA and Australia. The organisation mainly provides education on safe and ecologically sustainable trekking methods to preserve Nepal's unique and fragile eco-system. 


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In the coming years, we will be working together with KEEP in Volunteering & Community Development Projects, and to take advantage of trainings provided by KEEP.


Some of KEEP's recent programs:

  • Porter's Awarenness Workshop 2012
  • Drinking Water Program in Rural School of Sindupalchowk District
  • 1000 Boots Project
  • Antipodeans GapBreak Program 2013
  • Community Development Program (CDP) Workshop on Carbon Management: Climate change & Tourism Industry of Nepal: A parth to Green Economy


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