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Details of Culture Shock/Experience Levels


Below are definitions of cultural shock grades to give you an idea of what to expect culturally. Trips are scaled according to the closest match to one of the following grades. So, please take it as a guide only.



  • Travelling in a city/major town or near-by places;
  • Preservation of traditional culture;
  • English speakers easy to come by;
  • Western style facilities are easily found e.g. toilets, showers etc.;
  • Western style food and groceries are available;
  • Generally reliable access to electricity, telephones, internet;
  • You may come across Westernised local youth in western clothes etc.;
  • Services (medical etc.) are commonly available.



  • Travelling to mid hills or lower alpine areas where settlements are found nearby/sporadic;
  • Preservation of traditional culture;
  • Exposure to local customs and different living standards;
  • Sporadic access to services (e.g. phones and internet). Utilities are most likely available along popular trekking routes, however, it may be lacking in less visited areas;
  • Local and traditional food most likely offered with exception to local lodges along popular treks would prepare food like pizza, potato chips, apple pies;
  • Western style facilities and comforts are harder to find; more traditional style toilet (squats) and bathing facilities (bucket style) on offer. Some local lodges along popular treks in lower altitudes would have basic toilets;
  • More sporadic English speakers;
  • Local less touched by Westernisation (clothes, characteristics etc.).



  • Travelling to remote, undeveloped  areas in the high hills or alpine zone;
  • Preservation of traditional culture;
  • Culture untouched by the Western World living standards, customs;
  • Few services and utilities available (medical centres, reliable electricity etc.);
  • Limited access to showering, often for days on end. Traditional bucket style wash offered;
  • Lack of local lodges or home-stay facilities. Visiting these places require camping arrangements;
  • Need to use tented toilets during travel;
  • Few English speakers;
  • Drastic weather conditions and sudden changes;
  • Roads can be of very poor condition due to remoteness adding to length of travel;
  • Importance to observe local customs so not to offend an untouched culture;
  • On a camping trek, hearty meals will be prepared by cook every day. There will be no food and vegetable stores or eateries. Local people will eat food in their traditional, local fare.


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