Sponsor a bird to save protected birds in Nepal

Sherpa Tours (Aust) Pty Ltd is proud to announce that as part of our commitment to sustainable tourism and environment protection, we have become life long member of bird conservation Nepal (BCN).

As a life long member of BCN, we sponsor SARUC CRANE, a protected bird in Nepal. These birds are found in Nepal, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Burma. In Nepal, these birds are mostly found in Lumbini and Western terai regions. The species has been extinct from Malaysia, Thailand and Phillipines  IUCN Red Data Book lists this bird as lower risk/near threatened.

Sherpa Tours adheres to travelling sustainably to offer our clients a meaningful and low impact journey through Nepal. As part of our commitment to environmental protection, we abide ourselves by strict guidelines which enable us to contribute in control of pollution, forest conservation and wildlife protection. We also require that our clients respect our guidelines and follow the same when travelling to Himalayan region with us.

Established in 1982, Bird Conservation Nepal is the foremost scientific authority providing accurate information on birds and their habitats throughout Nepal. They provide scientific data and expertise on birds for the Government of Nepal through the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC) and work closely in birds and biodiversity conservation throughout the country. BCN are committed to showing the value of birds and their special relationship with people. As such, this organisation strongly advocates the need for peoples’ participation as future stewards to attain long-term conservation goals.  As the Nepalese Partner of BirdLife International, a network of more than 110 organisations around the world, BCN also works on a worldwide agenda to conserve the world’s birds and their habitats.

BCN welcomes anyone to become a life long member and choose a favourite bird from the protected bird list for sponsorship.

For more information on Sherpa Tours sustainable travel policies and ideas, please contact Pramod Khatiwada, Founder and Tour Manager, Sherpa Tours (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Email: pramod@sherpatours.com.au

Mobile: 0432 172 655


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19. Birdwatching in Nepal including transcontinental and altitudinal migrants

For best of bird watching in Nepal, we travel from temperate to Subtropical climate, from over 2000m above sea level to just 100m, visit world heritage natural and cultural sites, ramsar site, other wetlands and birth place of Buddha.

Nepal supports over 10% of the world’s bird species diversity. To-date about 860 bird species has been recorded from Nepal in the last 150 years. The corresponding altitude and habitat in the five physiographic zones including special sites such as Mai Valley, Rara Ringmo finger and western Terai contributed to the bird species richness in Nepal.

There are transcontinental and altitudinal migration of birds in Nepal. There are about 150 winter migrants residing in forest and wetlands. The summer migrants (about 62) include cuckoos, crow-billed drongo, pitta, Chestnut headed bee-eater etc.

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