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– Reach Out, Grow, Achieve!


The Peak Performance Club brings together outdoor adventure, like-minded professionals and inspiring culture, creating a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to light that inner spark and fundamentally change your life. On our highly engaging, deeply meaningful and utterly memorable trip to the world’s rooftop, you will be revitalised on all levels as you transcend to a higher personal plane.

Feeling tired? unmotivated? stale? The Peak Performance Club Program can totally change all that. On this life-changing journey in the Himalayas of Nepal, you will be reinvigorated and broadened on all levels. Through adventuring in a stunning alpine setting – up, close and personal with nature and all its pristine beauty – you will be able to detoxify and reenergise your body as well as declutter your mind. As you connect with ancient cultures and local people, your life will be imbued with new meaning and purpose. Through an exploration of spirituality in a country rich with religious tradition, your soul will be awakened.

Of course, you won’t be taking up the challenge alone. Come aboard and grow together with fellow professionals in a cooperative team environment. Meet new like-minded people, share your ideas and feelings with kindred spirits as you develop step by step, and form productive relationships that you will treasure forever as you engage in enjoyable and rewarding team-building activities.


The Himalayas – The Quintessential Destination

The Himalayan region provides the perfect backdrop for the Peak Performance Club Program, not only because of its unsurpassed scenery and natural beauty but because of the region’s rich cultural heritage, its deep spiritualism and the opportunities for sustainable travel and community engagement that this largely unspoiled part of the world provides.

Far removed from the interminable distractions of city life, the Himalayan mountains will give you the perfect opportunity to ‘reset your body clock’ and open your mind to new possibilities as you trek through pristine wilderness and maintain a nutritious, body-cleansing diet. Ancient health practices such as yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic massage will cleanse and expand your physical and mental capabilities, heightening your overall wellbeing. The profound spiritual traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism so central to Nepalese history will help you reconnect with your inner self. Finally, the Himalayas provide innumerable opportunities for sustainable travel (through low impact trekking, donations to local charities and volunteering in rural communities), making your travels in Nepal meaningful not only for yourself but for your community and the indigenous communities you come into contact with.


Program Options

Multiple program options incorporating various destinations in Nepal are offered every year.

The program options for 2014/2015 are as follows:

  1. Everest Base Camp & Gokyo circuit trek with community interaction;
  2. Cycling adventure – Pokhara, Gorkha & Kathmandu;
  3. Upper Mustang mountain marathon;
  4. Yoga trek on the Tamang Heritage Trail;
  5. Manaslu circuit trek with a fitness focus;
  6. Trekking & volunteering camp.

You can book a place to participate in any of the above program options. Moreover, program options can be extended to include other parts of the Himalayas (i.e. Tibet, Bhutan and India).

If you have a group or a company with a desire to design a customised trip, the club management will assist you with this. Please contact Sherpa Tours.


The Benefits Of Club Membership

  • Membership is provided free of charge;
  • As a club member, you will meet and engage with like-minded individuals who appreciate nature, cultural diversity and adventure and who are seeking to improve their professional acumen and personal lives;
  • Members of the club are supported and inspired by peak performers who form part of the club’s management operations and who provide motivational coaching and/or physical training in preparation for trekking trips;
  • Club members also benefit from discounts offered by businesses such as restaurants and adventure gear shops.


Why do individuals join the Peak Performance Club?

The principal reasons that people join this remarkable club include motivating themselves/instilling new energy into their personal and working lives, meeting people of similar ilk and networking with them, and participating in thrilling activities/adventures which appear at the top of many individuals’ bucket lists.


Why do business people and companies in particular like to register with the Peak Performance Club?

Companies and members of the business community find the numerous leadership and team-building exercises conducted during our various programs especially attractive, particularly as these activities are invariably carried out in highly motivating, energising environments. More particularly, companies in the process of launching new products and services often turn to the Peak Performance Club in order to provide inspirational workshops that will equip their employees with all the necessary skills to perform at their absolute best.

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