This Nuwakot trip is for those wanting an authentic experience of local Nepali village life. The trip will take you through villages of Nuwakot and Samari; here you will enjoy accommodation in traditional village houses with authentic local Nepali hospitality and experience sustainable tourism that is positive for the whole local community.  You are offered the chance to interact with local villagers, enjoy nature tours and short hikes. You will discover that their simplicity, warmth and friendliness are as appreciable as the beautiful countryside they live in.

The lifestyle of this area follows an agrarian way, where the Nepali villagers are still following the old practices and traditions. The working life of these villagers on the rural outposts involve farming and rearing livestock, their day begins at sunrise and continues well after dark depending on the seasons. Although much of the area is considered to live below the poverty line, the genuine friendliness and welcome of the local villagers is something you will not forget.

Both retreats at Samari and Nuwakot are run on sustainable tourism/eco-friendly principles and offer tourists the chance to experience local culture and history. Both retreats are traditional old buildings that have been restored and slightly renovated for the convenience of travellers. The renovations have used local materials and workers, and the daily upkeep and produce used is all locally sourced.

Samari House- A traditional Magar-house built in the 19th century. The restoration here has kept the house to the original design with mud walls and clay tile roofing. New additions include a kitchen and dining area, windows and clean bathroom facilities in a separate building, creating a relaxing and surprisingly modern space to enjoy and unwind. The sleeping quarters are in the 2nd story of the house; this area is partitioned into 2 rooms, each sleeping 3.  Beautiful gardens and terrace fields surround the house showing you where the fresh, organic produce prepared for your meals is coming from.  Views from the courtyard and verandah are magnificent, stretching over the green, mountainous landscape giving you a sense of being away from it all in peace and quiet.

Nuwakot House- This old house which had fallen to disrepair now has a new lease on life. The beautiful mix of traditional architecture is still seen with the mud bricks and ornate wooden door and window framings. The lower story of the house contains the lobby, kitchen and verandah for you to relax. Upstairs are the bedrooms, providing comfortable beds and spanning views of the surrounding mountains.

The villages of Samari and Nuwakot are in the Nuwakot district, just a few hours out of Kathmandu. This is where you can escape the city pace of Kathmandu and unwind and enjoy the slow pace of traditional village life similar to villages in the mid-hill regions. This unspoilt village area is filled with working farmlands and traditional housing, for the tourist you are given the unique opportunity to explore, volunteer and interact with out the company of tourist groups.

Nuwakot is a small thriving village on the way to Langtang Valley. Seeped in history this village was the starting point for King Prithvi Narayan Shah’s unification campaign of Nepal in 1767. The Nuwakot Palace built by the same king between 1818-1825 is now a public museum. Surrounding the old Palace are historical pagoda temples and ancient buildings.

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