Kick off the GHT (great Himalayan trail)

With the Heroes, Greg Babbage-Australia and Tony Wilsons-Uk, who are on GHT High Route since 16th Feb, 011

This photo is from the Information and media interaction day held in Kathmandu on 16th Feb, 2011 just before Greg Babbage from Australia and Tony Wilsons from UK went on first ever organised 157 day trek of GHT, Nepal.

The Great Himalayan Trail (Nepal ) is a trekking trail from East to West of the country to explore its stunningly beautiful maze of valleys, passes and mountain peaks that are constantly changing and evolving.

The Himalaya are so immense that route options abound. The lower mountain region, highland hills and lowland hills are full of many trekking trails which are actually the day-to-day walking trails of villagers. All the trails in the Himalaya are considered part of the overall Great Himalayan trail.

The Great Himalayan Trail is as much a concept, o idea, as it is a formal track.

The Great Himalayan high route (GHT HIGH ROUTE) joining each of the various himals, ultimately combining along the entire range that divides India and China.

There is low rout trek in the area.

There is also village-to-village route on lower range which is the GHT CULTURAL ROUTE.

So, the GHT is a personal challenge; a trail system that allows you to develop your own route priorities and set your own level of difficulty. Such variety means that you can gain experience over a number of treks that could ultimately lead you to some of the highest points on earth.

GHT High route in Nepal could be walked in a single 150 day trek
For convenience the GHT Nepal has been split into ten legs of roughly equal length, so that people will attempt sections spread over a number of years.

GHT is one of the longest and highest walking trails in the world. Winding beneath the world’s highest peaks and visiting some of the most remote communities on earth, it passes through lush green valleys, arid high plateau and incredible landscapes.

The TEN LEGS of GHT are:
1. Kanchanejunga Region
2. Makalu Region
3. Solu-Khumbu (EVEREST) Region
4. The Rolwaling
5. Langtang Helambu
6. Manaslu & Ganesh Himals
7. Annapurna, Naar & Phu
8. Mustang
9. Dolpo & Mugu
10. Far west Nepal

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