Everest base camp trek cost–budget or premium price from Australia


Everest base camp trek cost – budget, comfort and premium tour from Australia


Are you finding it difficult to plan your epic Everest base camp trek without reliable information on cost? Read on to know different level of services available, their associated cost and different operators, so that you can confidently design your package, choose the right service level and decide which operator to go with.


Company Packages Price Comments
Sherpa Tours Australia

Excludes meals on trek

Fully inclusive except international flights (includes 3* Kathmandu hotels, Kathmandu tour and all meals on trek)

Fully inclusive with added luxury except international flights.

  • AUD 1450 or less
  • From AUD 2300
  • From AUD 2800

(Check current deals for most competitive cost)

  • Boutique Australian owned company
  • Specialist in Nepal tour and extension to Bhutan, India or Tibet
  • Local Nepal-Trek Managers at Australian office
  • One of the Best-Value providers and direct competitor with large companies on quality and local Nepali trekking operators on cost
  • Provide package design and personalization to any extend



Geko adventure Everest base camp trek – 16 days




Excludes basic elements like airport pick ups, local tours, meals on trek etc

From AUD 1850 Large corporate style group tour operator specializing in grass-root package and backpacker experience around the world.
G Adventures Everest base camp trek – 15 days




Excludes basic elements like airport pick ups, local tours, meals on trek etc

From AUD 1749 Large corporate style group tour operator specializing in grass-root package and backpacker experience around the world.
Intrepid Everest base camp trek – 15 days




Excludes basic elements like airport pick ups, local tours, meals on trek etc

From AUD 1600 Large corporate style group tour operator specializing in grass-root package and backpacker experience around the world.
Peregrine Everest base camp trek – 16 days




Previously excluded basic elements like airport pick ups, local tours, meals on trek etc and now includes meals on trek.

From AUD 3735 Large corporate style group tour operator specializing in basic tour packages around the world with comfort of




3* accommodations in city areas. Previously it used to exclude pick-ups, local tours and meals on Everest trek and now has increased price to include meals on trek.

World Expeditions Everest base camp trek – 17 days AUD 2980 Large corporate style group tour operator specializing in premium trekking packages around the world.
Trek Climb Ski Everest base camp trek – 18 days AUD 3390 Boutique company specializing in premium trekking packages to several different countries.

Sherpa Tours advises that below information are guidance only and aren’t updated regularly. Readers are to do their own research to validate information provided before making decisions.


Everest base camp trek packages from different companies and their cost

Still unsure which operator to book your Everest base camp trek with and whether to look for a known corporate brand and accept their higher charges, or look for cheap operators or boutique companies instead, or even wondered if there are any such boutique local operators in Australia for Everest Adventure tours?

From the below table, you will see a breakdown of Everest packages into multiple service elements which will help you understand the cost-to-service relationship of your Everest Adventure. This will help you to:

  • compare apple to apple
  • design your Everest TREK adventure tour the way you want
  • have control on cost, value for money and overall experience
  • select the company which can package the tour you designed and provide best cost and value for money.


Breakdown of Everest base camp trek package elements and their cost guidance

Service Elements Category Cost guidance Recommendation
Airport pick up/drop off
  • Air-conditioned private vehicle
  • Non A/C private vehicle
  • From AUD 20
  • From AUD 35
  Mostly A/C not required as weather won’t get too hot in Kathmandu. This service can be considered for need of extra comfort.
Accommodation types in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Hostels
  • 3 star hotels in prime areas
  • 4 star hotels in prime areas
  • 5 star hotels in prime areas
  • Luxury hotels or resorts



    • From AUD15
    • From AUD55
    • From AUD80
    • From AUD150
    • From AUD210
Kathmandu cultural day tour or local hike Led by a Licensed guide with limited to high experience From AUD40 Tour may/may not include Guide, private car (AC or non-AC), entrance fee etc).




You can organize this in Kathmandu however by including this on your package usually makes this tour cost effective.

Alternatively, you can explore Kathmandu on your own. Except for experiencing bit of hassle and confusion, self-exploration is doable.

Kathmandu – Lukla, Everest two way domestic flights   From AUD500 Mostly, flights are included in tour package as a standard.
  • Licensed and Highly experienced Everest climber guides
  • Licensed and Experienced Everest guides
  • Licensed and Limited experience guides
  • Level of care to porters
Equipment Hire in Kathmandu




Purchase in Kathmandu

Hire from AUD2 per day Can take your own, or hire in Kathmandu at low cost or buy in Kathmandu at much cheaper price compared to home. You get basic to good quality products.
Meals on Everest Trek
  • Included on package
  • Excluded on package
From AUD30 per day  
Accommodation on Everest Trek
  • Tea houses
  • Everest trail Luxury resorts
  • Tents at basecamp

To design your Everest Tour and obtain a competitively valued quote, please visit www.sherpatours.com.au or call 1300 660 226 now.


What is the single most important factor in designing/planning your Everest adventure trip?

That would be your safety undoubtedly. In our view, this is MORE IMPORTANT than the COST of the trip.


It is highly recommended to ensure the following as a minimum:

  • book with a trusted Australian owned company
  • make sure you have the trekking permit, travel insurance and vaccinated
  • you or your loved ones can contact the trekking company after hours to track your where-about specially in case of emergency
  • be well-informed about altitude sickness and management, and well prepared mentally and physically.


Analysis of bundled services that come with Everest packages

Bundled services Description Which companies
Face to face, email or phone enquiry   All
Customise a trip to any extend without any surprise on cost   Sherpa Tours Australia
Help on finding most suitable itinerary, package, tour operator and cost per your budget.   Sherpa Tours Australia
One stop shop for any price category from backpacker to luxury   Sherpa Tours Australia
Guidance on local knowledge, language and culture   Sherpa Tours Australia
Tour extension options Everest Gokyo circuit trek, Kathmandu/Pokhara/Chitwan tour Most of the companies
Other Everest Adventures Skydive, Mera or Island peak climb, Chartered Heli Flight…




Everest View short trek

Everest lower altitude cultural trek

Sherpa Tours Australia offers all of these adventures whereas some of the other companies offer some combination of these adventures.


When you want to hike Everest base camp in budget, use following checklist to select an Everest tour operator:

  1. Are you a registered with AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents)? AFTA is now the governing body for the travel industry, after abolition of Travel compensation fund and Travel Agency license in 2015.
  2. Is your ground operator in Nepal a licensed tour operator registered with Nepal Tourism Ministry and Trekking Agency Association of Nepal
  3. Are there local experts available in Australian operators office who can provide guidance on place, culture, language and food
  4. Does Australian company provide guidance on all types of preparation including training, gear purchase and packing list
  5. Check reviews/testimonials of the company
  6. Your loved ones from home being able to enquire your whereabouts 7 days a week during odd hours in case of emergency
  7. Local crews including guide and porter are looked after
  8. Local Nepali staff and rural economy are benefited
  9. Local culture, environment and wildlife are appreciated and footprint minimized
  10. Can you choose to travel in your small private group and/or choose your own dates without a surcharge?
  11. Replies to your phone calls and/or emails promptly and provides valuable information to your questions.
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