Earthquake Memorial Trip to Langtang Valley, Nepal in 2016

An Expedition to Cherish for a Lifetime

2016 Memorial Trip to Langtang Valley, Nepal

Sherpa Tours Aust Pty Ltd is promoting an Earthquake Memorial Trek to Langtang Valley, Nepal, to be held on 25th April at Kyanjin Gompa in Langtang valley, Nepal, on the same day when the devastating earthquake destroyed the place last year.

Oscar Olea and Kat Heldman of Just Breathe and Keep Climbing were on a month-long hiking expedition in the Langtang region when tragedy struck.

The principal idea is to do a memorial ceremony in Kyanjin Gompa on the same day the devastating earthquake (25th April 2015) shook Nepal, to commemorate all of those who lost their lives in that terrible event.

This is the area which was hit the most by the earthquake and the organizers believe that the re-entry of tourism will help immensely improve the livelihood of the locals.

There are three different alternatives for participants:

1.         Those who just want to participate in the ceremony and then come back.

2.         Those who would like to climb 5,637m Yala Peak and participate in the ceremony.

This is relatively easy peak that does not require much skills other than a good physical condition.

3.         Those who want to do a challenging climb of Ganchempo Peak which is 6,387m high and participate     in the ceremony. Ganchempo Peak, a technical peak that requires climbing skills and mountaineering            experience.

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