Khokana Festival, Visit Nepal 2011 Program

Less than 10 km from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu city, you can get to ethnic villages and enjoy fresh air, centuries old culture and heritage, welcoming people and food.

This is a great characteristic of Kathmandu valley if you know where to go.

The indigenous Newar Community still lives in an ancient way; its truely unspoiled. The dresses and ornaments wore by men and women are unique and attractive. There musical instrument, dances and musical prosessions are very interesting. Most amazingly, the communal living is just unbelievable. People come here to do PHD on this matter. They stay in the community for the knowledge and unique holiday experience.

Nepal is celebrating Visit Nepal year 2011 in initiative of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). Attraction of festivals are food stalls on the street, cultural dances and festivals in traditional form. Things that were most amusing to me were the whole town full of men and women in ethnic dresses and food & drink (and that is off course alcoholic) everywhere.

Indigenous Newari House

A girl in traditional Newari Costume

Yomari and Bara; unique food and best taste

traditional ornaments and jewellery

Traditional way of grinding raw rice

Preparing traditional food to sell to visitors

Traditional Newari Orchestra

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