2. Trail Running/Mountain marathon

For those into running, Nepal offers a true physical challenge for the mind and body. The mountainous terrain is home to marathons attracting runners from around the world. The high altitude adds another element to the challenge.

1. Everest International mountain marathon is the highest marathon in the world. It starts at Gorak Shep (5,184m) close to the 1953 Everest Base Camp. The finish line is 42km down the track at a Sherpa town named Namche Bazaar (3,446m).

2. Aannapurna – Mountain marathon which is an annual event

3. Manaslu – trail running

4. Mustang — trail running

This exhilarating competitive run amidst the truly breathtaking landscape of the Transhimalaya/Upper Mustang region will thrill the fitness enthusiast and nature lover no end. This 277-kilometre footrace, with altitudes ranging from 2,900 to 4,200 metres above sea level, is organized into eight manageable stages ranging from 30 to 40 kilometres in length and separated by checkpoints that include caves and age-old buildings rich in Tibetan Buddhist culture and spiritualism.

5. Kathmandu Valley

6. Lumbini (Birth place of Budda)

Other Information

There are various events fit for professional trail runners and enthusiasts alike. Please express your interest by contacting us.

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