9. Mountainbiking around classic Annapurna Circuit Trail.

You may think – is this possible? Have people done it? Yes, they have. However, this is only for serious mountain bikers with great physical fitness due to 90% off road riding (also involves carrying bike ).

The gentle inclines and well maintained trails make this one of the best ways to get into the heart of the Himalayas on a Mountain Bike. The best of biking and trekking combined, but as progression develops the trail to bring amenities to the remote villages, the way is becoming more and more bike friendly and will certainly offer us the experience of a life time. The route takes us around the massive Annapurna range and back into the Pokhara Valley, passing between the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna massifs. The ride is technical and highly challenging and is a journey that we will never forget.

Maximum alittude reached is 5416 meters at Thoron La pass.

Best season – Mid Sep- Mid Nov, Mid Mar-Mid May.

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