15. Indigenous people Tour

The rich heritage of Nepal has evolved over centuries. Nepal has around 36 different ethnic groups and 100 dialects. Most of the ethnic and tribal groups have their own distinct language, dress and culture. The diversity of Nepal is reflected in each group’s unique music, dance, art, crafts, folklores, food and drinks.


FROM THE HIMALAYAN ZONE (influenced by Tibetan based languages and religion) – Thakalis, Tamangs, Tibetans (including those seeking refuge in Nepal) and Sherpas.


  • -Rais and Limbus-Being Himalayan hunter-warriors , they make up some of the Gurkha regiment and have proven to be excellent soldiers.
  • -Newars- Lead a communal way of life and are recognized by their Mongoloid and Caucasian physical characteristics.
  • -Gurungs-Originally migrated from Western Tibet, Gurungs make up a large number in the Gurkha regiment.
  • -Magars-Renowned Gurkha soldiers.


  • Tharus-Thought to be the earliest inhabitants if the Terai. Tharu beliefs are largely Animistic.


– You can do a tour to visit one particular indigenous group of people concentrated in an area or visit rural villages where you meet multiple indigenous people.


The first of its kind in Nepal, the ‘Indigenous Peoples Trail’ offers unique, living, exposure to one of the most culturally diverse areas of Nepal. The ‘Indigenous Peoples Trail’ offers scenic trekking at relatively low elevations, below 3000M. This trail presents an incomparable and natural blend of cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity coupled with breathtaking Himalayan panoramas, stretching from Dhauligiri and Annapurna in the West to Numburchuili and Kanchenjunga in the East.

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