7. Travel to know, if God is he or she!

Observe the festival of Kumari, Living goddess; a small & cute girl with 32 perfections in life being worshipped as a true god amidst extravagant rituals and community participation.

Having its origin in the medieval period of Nepalese history, a golden age of art, craft and architecture, this largely religious celebration is based upon local legends and follow the lunar calendar (beginning in May) which changes from year to year.

A tour of Kathmandu city incorporating observation of this festival will provide the perfect package for the culture and tradition enthusiast by offering an exceptional opportunity to observe an indigenous religious festival.

When and where

This festival takes place annually in Kathmandu, Nepal around the month of October. The exact date isn’t know until May of the year due to the celebration following a lunar calendar.


  • – Observing the whole festival which takes place for multiple days or just on two of the most important days.
  • – Observing the festival with a tour guide or a photographer/guide.
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