22. A festival tour of Nepal where a festival takes place every week: Festival of comedy/light/colors and more….

The colourful spectrum of Nepal celebrating festivals creates lasting and cherished memories for anyone involved. Throughout the calendar year, there are many festivals being celebrated. One of the best ways to truly understand the beauty and richness of Nepali culture is through festivals, lively and purposeful; they are a treat to all senses.  A rich display of culture, festivities include rituals, songs, dances, food and performances.

GAIJATRA (Cow Festival): August. It is a carnival lasting 8 days. Highlights include; dancing, singing, comedy and anything that causes mirth and laughter.

TEEJ: September. A Hindu festival celebrated by women. Dancing, folksong and the colour red of women’s wedding saris dominate the days of Teej.

INDRAJATRA: September. The festival of Indra, the God of Rain is celebrated with great enthusiasm, lasting 8 days. The Chariot of the Kumari, the Living Goddess, is taken out into procession through the main streets of Kathmandu.

TIHAR/DEEPAWALI: November. Known as the festival of the lights, Tihar is celebrated for 5 days during which time houses are illuminated at night and special sweets are prepared and enjoyed.

HOLI (Festival of Colors): Celebrates Spring in the most extraordinary display of colour and happiness

LOSAR: January-February. Impressively observed by Sherpas who organise folksongs and dances for the occasion.


Just be an observer and capture moments in photographs, or participate in the festivals with locals (e.g. planting rice in the paddy farm and playing with mud, playing with color and water with locals in Holi festival or dancing with locals in Bisket festival).

You can time your visit with any of these festivals. You can enjoy a festival with a local expert photographer who will take you to spots from where you can take best photographs.

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