12. Adventures (Introductory to Xtreme) at the roof of the world

Nepal is a wonderland when it comes to adventuring with so many activities to choose from. All providing participants inspiring views of the natural surroundings and creating lasting memories. Whether you enjoy soft or hard adventures, there is something for all tastes in Nepal.  Becoming known around the world as an adventurer’s playground, Nepal is particularly enjoyable for ultimate thrill seekers wanting hard adventures around the world’s tallest mountain.


Involving physically challenging conditions or risks, hard adventure brings thrills and pumps the adrenaline.

  • Everest Skydiving, Mountain biking, White water rafting, Marathon /trail running and Climbing, Bungy jumping, Paragliding/ Power Paragliding, High rope circuits, Canyoning, Canyon swings, Ultra-light aircraft flights and Kayaking.


Soft adventures often require little to no experience and are not as physically demanding.

  • Hot air ballooning, Jungle safari, Bird/ butterfly watching, Yoga/Ayurvedic massage/ Meditation, Golfing, Hiking, Fishing and Cycling.
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