5. Volunteering in Nepal

For those interested in volunteering in Nepal, Sherpa Tours can help find options that utilise your time and skills to help a rural community in one of the following ways. Sherpa Tours can also help you incorporate volunteering into your travel itinerary.

Volunteering in Nepal is worth considering, a positive boost for all involved.


  • Helping in medical camps.
  • Helping in orphanages.
  • Helping in aged care centres (which are non-commercial and poorly managed).
  • Helping in animal conservation.
  • Helping the INGO-Bird conservation Nepal.
  • Teaching children in schools-this can be for a day, few days or longer to suit you.
  • Participating in volunteering projects such as; developing school buildings, medical camps and painting. These projects generally run for 2-3 weeks. For groups, customised projects with suitable duration can be organised. Participants are required to raise the funds necessary to carry out these projects.

Best Season

Any time of the year.

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Volunteering in Nepal

Sherpa Tours (Aust) Pty Ltd is proud to be supporting Sunrise Children’s Association Inc. Australia. The organisation runs an orphanage in Nepal. Sherpa Tours will run volunteering program in association with Sunrise.

Also, we are supporting Graeme kent for his volunteering expeditions in Nepal for more than a decade now. Volunteering trips involve spending certain time in the rural areas in community work and then enjoy rest of your holiday doing adventures that you like in this Himalayan country.

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Community Work, Nepal

It was great to be back to Nepal and help people in need.

It was great to visit the school, to which we made our first donation years ago. The school has grown up from a primary school to a secondary high school.

We donated a computer to the school this time on the auspicious day of inauguration of its new building entirely built on donation by our aunt.

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