Why visiting Bhutan is top on the list of tourists?

Bhutan is a very special place to visit. Kingdom of Bhutan is nestled in the Himalayas. The preservation of traditional Buddhist culture and simple philosophy of life make this country mystic and magical for the visitors.

When you read about Bhutan, you will come across the philosophy of Gross National Happiness which suggests that happiness is deemed more important that Gross National Product in this country.

Government maintains a sustainable approach to tourism in the country. The country is rich in nature and culture. You will see unique architecture which embodies Buddhist culture. Their dance festivals are spectacular. Country is full of stunning flora and fauna. Bhutan, which has been accessible to tourists only for about four decades, offers an excellent opportunity to explore this relatively untouched corner of the Himalaya.
For all these reasons visitors will experience authentic cultural immersion among the well-protected cultural heritage and natural environment which together provide a feel of remoteness. The experience is very different from visiting many other countries in the world.

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