The most overlooked thing which can kill your Kailash dream or can even risk your life –


You may need to know this even before you plan your Yatra – you may read this later but it may already be too late


The challenges of kailash yatra and its planning & preparation is often the most overlooked thing which can kill your Kailash dream or can even risk your life.


This sounds sad but I have a good news for all the Shiva devotees, nature lovers and adventure souls – there are certain techniques that anyone can follow and become very well planned and prepared.


With the right technique and right support, anyone can dream of a successful, safe and comfortable yatra. It is absolutely possible. People do not have to fall victim of biased information, or incomplete information or cheat from unethical agents or companies and their illegall activities.


As a Hindu, we all believe that Kailash is heaven on earth and is a gateway to MUKTI of your soul. All previous yatries tell us that the place is so beautiful that it naturally inspires feeling of liberation.


But, as a Hindu, we also have been told that a path to God’s home is not filled with luxury but is full of challenges.


If so, then what are the challenges of Kailash Yatra?


This is where you need the most factual, most unbiased and a complete set of information. Lot of the agents and companies don’t give you the entire information. They even tell you lies because they want you to book with them as soon as possible.


These agents or companies often do not understand all the risks themselves or do not prepare for it and hence the yatries get into all sorts of trouble which we get to hear or read on internet.


So, how can you avoid such traps and instead have a successful yatra? There is only two things that are critical to this:

i)       awareness and

ii)      right team and proper support


Research shows that the people who are aware will plan and prepare better. This will lead to their success. It is also a common sense that when you are aware, you can not be cheated or fooled.


There is one thing that is critical to your awareness – without this, the awareness does not mean anything. This critical thing is the quality of information. It is very important that the information you receive is unbiased, factual and complete.


Gathering all our knowledge and experience, we have prepared a 10 POINT AWARENESS pack for our clients. We are happy to share top 5 points of these awareness with you here to help you make better decision on Kailash yatra.


If you feel like you don’t want to miss out on such critical information full of unbiased and factual information, then please read below article NOW by clicking on the link.


Click below NOW to read:

<< Top 5 FACTS about Kailash Yatra you MUST know before making your DECISION >>




Read this short and easy to read article NOW to:

  • Get yatra details and discount offer via above link.
  • Save number of hours you would otherwise spend on Internet to do research.
  • Remember – a peaceful, a stress free mind is a vehicle to the path of liberation – the MUKTI.
  • More you know more you become confident. More you plan and prepare, more you become stress free.



Who is Shiva!


Please watch these short videos to understand who is Shiva


1.  Sadhguru on who is Shiva


2.   Devdutt Patnaik on Lord Shiva’s story



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What level of service do you expect for your Kailash Yatra?

What level of honesty and dedication do you expect from the yatra company?


Our service is designed for people who like to be fully aware, be fully planned and prepared for a safe, successful & comfortable Kailash Yatra. We want to make them feel confident so they can focus on the yatra. We want to help them feel spiritual and feel connected to GOD.


We are in AUSTRALIA. We cater for yatries who are residents of:

  1.  Australia;
  2.  US; and
  3.  UK.


We do this because we do not compromise on quality of services – no sub-standards. To maintain a high standards of service, our cost naturally is higher compared to companies based in Nepal or India.


We do not like to compete with companies from India or Nepal due to our unmatched focus on quality. But, when you compare our price with companies or agents in Western countries, then you find that our price is very attractive.


Our Service Excellence Model

Please observe below visual diagram of what type and level of services we provide to you in each stage of:

  1.  Pre-booking;
  2.  Booking;
  3.  Pre-departure;
  4.  Arrival in Kathmandu
  5.  On yatra and
  6.  Return


Also, please note how our Australia team and Nepal team work together to give you overall service quality.





Current Offer

Currently, I have a GOOD NEWS for yatries who are planning for 2019.

Even better news for the first 20 bookings – I am providing them extra BONUS.


To grab the opportunity, you must indicate your intention now so we can keep a count of heads for our June or September group. Seats are limited and the bookings for 2019 will close soon.


Yatra detail and price – Refer to a link at the bottom of this page.


Who can take this offer

These special Offers are available only to people departing from Australia, UK and US – happy to assist if you have your family/close relative joining from India.



Extra value

For every booking, we will give you:

  1.   10 point awareness pack
  2.   10 point planning pack
  3.   Detailed packing instruction
  4.   Structured Step-by-step guidance of whole process
  5.   1 exercise video for high altitude trekking preparation



Bonus for the first 20 bookings:

1.    A set of 8 videos with detailed day-by-day (4 weeks plan) instruction on:

  • Exercises and
  • Yoga for the high altitude and trekking


These videos were prepared for our special clients of a private group. We are happy to share this with you.


The exercise that has worked for many of our adventure trek clients going to Everest basecamp trek, Annapurna trek or other treks in Tibet and Bhutan. It’s a proven exercise to build flexibility of different parts of your leg mussles, strength of your leg mussles and increase lung capacility so you can breathe better in high altitude which will help greatly. We also teach some techniques about trekking right way in high altitude.


2.    A PRIVATE session to you delivered personally

Normally, we give this only on special occasion to private groups – to REVIEW and discuss on the phone your situation of:

  1. Trekking gear;
  2. Packing list;
  3. Fitness assessment; and
  4. Readiness assessment.



Discount Offer:

Get 15 to 20% discount if booking for 2019 by end of May or 2020 by Sep 19. Refer to the botoom of this page for price.



Booking for 2019 and 2020

  • For 2019 – Time is short. Act quickly. 
  • For 2020 – book asap to get full discount and bonus.


Refer to downloadable 'yatra detail..' document link below.


You won’t find this type of care and support in the market place – it will be very rare if you do find one.



To book the yatra and enjoy the benefit:

  • reply ASAP with number of people and preferred travel date
  • email us at
  • you must respond within the deadline
  • refer to the downloadable document below


If you haven't read our Top 5 FACTS you must know before planning Kailash

Yatra, click here now.


To see the Price, go to 'Yatra detail and Price' section further below on this page.


Testimonials – what our clients are saying

Padmini – UK

" Pramod ji has provided so much of support to us that we have been thinking of personally giving him a gift with appreciation. I can see everything he does comes from his heart as a genuine service to yatries. His exercises has given me lot of confidence."


Sivakumar – USA

"Pramod Ji gave me lot of his personal time to explain everything about the yatra. I now feel so confident and I am fully preparing for the yatra."


Lalita – USA

"The whole process is so easy to follow – from understanding to planning and preparing. We enjoyed it."


Screenshots straight from WhatsApp & Facebook client group




Yatra Detail and PRICE 

Click below to download the full Yatra detail Discount document:

CLICK >> Yatra detail and discount offer document


  • Check it out why so many yatries feel SECURE and CONFIDENT when booking with us and enjoy their yatra so much.
  • Contact us if you want to verify our company credentials or to talk to some of our clients about their experience.


Company Credentials

<< Company credentials and verification process >>



Contact us at:

Sherpa Hike Australia Pty Ltd

email:    or    



Ph:                          1300 660 226 (within Australia)

mobile/WhatsApp: – +61- 432 172 655 (outside Australia)

                                  0432 172 655 (within Australia)

Name: Pramod Khatiwada

Tour Manager for Australia, US, and UK



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Hi Ajay ji,   Thank you for sending enquiry via our webpage.   If... more
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I have some queries for next year Kailash Yatra in  2020: 1. Package... more


How important to you is the Success, Safety and Comfort of your Kailash Yatra?


This is a yatra of life-time.


The desired outcome of this yatra is too important – it is larger than life – it is to get Shakti, Bhakti, shanti and ultimately the Mukti.


Does a stressful mind leads you to the MUKTI or a stress free mind?


On your journey to MUKTI, would you choose to bear sadness or joy and appreciation?


If you choose stress less mind, joy and appreciation, then how important it is to have a right plan, preparation and support in place?


If you are overwhelmed, let me make it simple.


‘How you plan, how much you prepare and who you get support from is ultimate key to your liberating yatra.’


The good news is there is a structured and simplified way to plan and prepare so it is effective for your successful yatra, safety and comfort.


Top 5 secrets of planning and preparing for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra so you can complete this holy journey successfully, safely and as comfortably as possible.


How this article is intended to HELP you?

Planning anything as big as Kailash yatra can be overwhelming and confusing. The whole process of planning and preparation can be made very simple, enjoyable and easy if a structured step-by-step guidance is provided and a process is put in place. This is what we do so well – we make planning, preparation and whole journey easy to follow, enjoyable and as safe as possible for all our clients.


Your expected outcome from reading this article

  • Get unbiased detail and super helpful information provided with clarity making it easy for you to quickly get planning with confidence


Most of the following information will help you in your pre-booking research and planning so that you can make your yatra decision as simply and quickly as possible and commit with confidence, then put all your focus on yatra and also start to visualise it happening very soon.


1. Initial planning and decision making – selection of route & travel



For your decision making, you need to have a good idea about the yatra package at the research stage for your budgeting and travel-duration estimation so you can apply for your leave etc. Do not rush to decide on which company to book with.


Take a good time to research, then validate all the findings, and then decide because not only your level of experience and how you feel in the yatra but your probability of successfully completing yatra also depends heavily on who you go with. Properly think, what are you trying to get out of the yatra, what is your expected outcomes, how you want to experience it, how important for you is the peace of mind, easiness, comfort, and feeling special vs being in a large group of say 70 yatries.


Once you have clarity of your expectation, then it works as your decision-criteria for deciding which company and their package fits best with your expectation.

  • Companies will have group departure dates – check if these dates are guaranteed departures?
  • If you have your own group of say more than 6 people, ask the company if they allow you to choose your own date?
  • Once you review all route options provided in 1st page, and decide on it, and verify all details with the company you want to book with, then you lock in your travel dates.
  • While researching on travel route by reviewing itineraries, you will come across few different operators of Kailash Yatra. You will need to compare their service and package offer.



We’re assuming you are in western country living in this lifestyle for a long time and like to put level of service standard, security and trustworthiness in high priority and have prepared our information and checklist accordingly. For people in India and elsewhere most of the points in the list still applies and will help.


Once you know all the basics and know your priority on level of service, security and peace of mind you want, and you also work out your budget estimates then you are in a position to choose a company that fits your requirements.


2. Estimation of total Yatra expenses

You get what you pay for’, as people say, always stands true and will apply to your yatra as well.

Below are different options that are available for anyone to do yatra with. A general guideline of pros and cons are provided alongside. A due diligence must be carried out in researching and making decision to avoid traps that are reported by many yatries about their poor experience or even about cheats from yatra operators. Be careful.


organised by Indian government

  • Low cost option
  • Larger groups
  • High reliability but low level of personalised care & service
  • Low level of customer experience

organised by tour company based in India or Nepal

  • Lower cost option
  • Varying level of service standards depending on price charged
  • Thorough screening recommended to find reliable company
  • Normally large groups of 20 to 70 yatries
  • Low level of personalised service
  • Lower to medium level of customer experience

Promoted by agents based in western country

  • Some are established and others just do one group a year to get side income
  • May not be registered as a company and hence lacking any legal liability
  • Thorough screening recommended to find reliable company
  • Lower to high level of customer experience (depending on how sophisticated is the agent)

Organised by travel and tour company based in western countries

  • High level of reliability but still pre-caution required in screening a good company
  • Legal liability as a registered company in western country
  • Recommended to check what level of personalised care provided
  • Expected service level to be of western standards but also depends on price charged
  • Medium to high level of customer experience (if a good company picked)


If you include an estimates of your total yatra expenses in your research and initial planning stage, it may help you to make right decision and commit to the yatra confidently. This information will also lead you to comfortably managing your yatra budget and deciding which company to book with.


Apart from yatra package price, following will be your additional extra expenses:

  1. International Flight – if not included in your tour package, then consider this expense
  2. Travel insurance – you must buy a travel insurance that covers for your travel to Nepal & Tibet as an adventure activity – U$200 to $350
  3. Nepal visa fee – assuming that China visa/Tibet permit fee are included in the package
  4. Some tours mention additional extra expense if a doctor/photographer is arranged to go with the group
  5. Optional tour in Kathmandu or in any parts of Nepal you intend to do, particularly to religious sites
  6. Purchasing Hawan and puja items in Kathmandu
  7. Trekking gear and clothes that you need to purchase/hire – U$100 to $500
  8. Vaccine that you need to take for travel to Nepal and Tibet
  9. Soft/hard drinks that you may consume during the yatra
  10. Any other personal expenses
  11. Gifts that you may wish to purchase in Nepal/Tibet
  12. Pony ride in Parikrama if you wish to use it – U$300 to $400
  13. Tipping to staff – U$50 to $200
  14. Miscellaneous U$100 – 200 – for things you may not have thought of
  15. Emergency cash U$500 – it is a good idea to keep some cash aside with you all the times. Also take a credit card with balance of $5000 or more if needed to be used in emergency. With your proper travel insurance, such expenses are claimable. We prepare  and provide documentation and evidence to make a claim.


Note: All these extra costs are at comprehensive estimates but you can obviously travel on cheap by ignoring multiple items at your own discretion. Always verify with the company you are going with.


3. Essential travel arrangements – Visa/flight/travel insurance/yatra booking

  1. International flight


    • From Australia, options of Singapore, Thai or Cathy Pacific airline may be better in terms of quality of service and price. Stopping over in South East Asian countries may be convenient. Cheaper options may include China Southern, Malaysian, Air India or Air Asia. You can also travel via Middle East if required.
    • From US/UK, option of Emirates air may be best bet in terms of quality of service, duration and price. 
  2. Travel Insurance – make sure to buy a proper travel insurance that fits with the type of travel you are undertaking. You must get cover for:


    • Travel to Nepal and Tibet
    • Adventure travel to remote area and high altitude
    • Emergency evacuation


It is very important that you obtain cover from a company with track record of claims serviceability. As part of our Service Excellence model, we will provide our clients some recommendations.

  1. China Visa and Tibet permit – normally this is included in the yatra package and you do not have to worry about it. The application process is arduous and will go through stringent processing by Chinese authorities. Some companies have track record of obtaining visa/permit. Check with the company you are going with.
  2. Nepal visa – if you have foreign passport, you will need to obtain Nepal visa. You can apply:


    • At Nepalese Embassy/consulate near you or
    • Online application or
    • At Kathmandu airport upon arrival


In our step-by-step guidance, we will provide pros/cons of each visa option so you can easily make up your mind about which options suits you best.


Once you work out all of the above points, you are in a good position to decide which company to book with. Below information are for preparation post booking but you should read it now to have a good understanding of it all.


4. Physical/mental preparation


To enjoy the most of this yatra and to complete it physically in comfort, you need to have an open mind to modern way of doing things – keep an eye on your health, understand and follow best practices, do some easy and basic exercises which can be done at home and include walking as an exercise to your preparation.


Think of it this way – how nice it would be being able to complete the yatra – feeling spiritual and ecstatic and connecting to God. See exercises and awareness to health & wellbeing as something that will increase the probability of your completing the yatra. This should motivate you to open your mind about exercise, yoga and other preparation we suggest to bring it into regular preparation regime.


We give you general guidance here but a concise and comprehensive guidance will be provided to our clients as soon as booking is made, as part of our personalised care provided to each individual client to ensure that you have enough time to be fully prepared mentally and physically.


Aclimatisation to high altitude

Travelling to high altitude is something that needs to be taken seriously and be well prepared. You need to be aware of what it means to you.


There are some best practices adopted by top trekkers in the world which you can do to effectively prepare for your parikrama walk.


There are certain exercises and walking and breathing techniques you can practice which will:

  1. increase your body capability to adjust and cope with high altitude
  2. increase flexibility of your lower body parts including key muscles which play a vital role when we walk particularly on natural trails of high hills
  3. increase strength of these lower body muscles helping you to effectively walk


Some simple exercises done at your home for 20 to 30 min x 3 times a week for x 3 months

         Will effectively prepare you if you do it properly and also combine some walking as instructed.


All these exercises and techniques require a proper guidance so you can follow it effectively. To help yatris we have put together a Service Excellence Model in place and as part of this model, we provide the detailed instruction and guidance on all effective exercises to our clients as soon as you make the booking so you have enough time to be fully prepared both mentally and physically.



5. Weather wise

Being weatherwise is 1st being aware, 2nd keeping open mind to getting access to proper clothing (of course without overspending and we will share with you the tricks) and enjoy the yatra.


Once you are in the Saga in Tibet and further towards Mansarovar, you start to feel the chill in the air. In Mansarovar area it will be much colder in morning and night and also during the day cooler if the sun is out, but if not, then will be cold. On the parikrama it will be even colder where it will require you keep bennie on head, jacket on body, covering ears, nose and hand.


If it rains or snows, which it can, you need to be prepared for such adverse weather condition too. This region is known for strong wind which gets the cold breeze make you suffer more.


This is the end of 5 points planning information. As mentioned in previous page, we have a comprehensive 10 points planning pack.


If you decide to book with us, we will give you our full 10 points PLANNING info Pack for your successful and enjoyable yatra.


So it is fair to everyone, you get free information and yatries who show faith in us and take step to commit, we provide extra awareness help as part of our committment in return.


Yatra Detail & Discount Offer

Now is the time for our Yatra detail and exclusive discount offer.


Please click below link to go through it.


<< Our Kailash Yatra Detail and Discount Offer >>



  • The Exclusive Offer provides lots of extra values to everyone who likes to take our offer
  • It also provides BONUS to first few bookings
  • The yatra detail provides visual representation of our excellent service to our clients
  • We have guaranteed departures for 2019.



Some interesting videos


Beautiful Chanting  – 'Nirvana Shatakam' by Isha Brahmacharis on Maha Shivaratri.

What actually YOU are NOT, thus you think What actually YOU are!



Mantras for Deep Inner Peace | 8 Powerful Mantras

Committ to listen for first 5 minutes then you get soaked into the inner peace. Its really good.




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Do you imagine about your future Kailash Yatra?


How do you imagine it? How do you see it happening?


Do you see that you got a clear darshan of Kailash? Do you see taking bath at Mansarovar Lake? Do you imagine completing the Parikrama?


I am pretty sure you agree with me that the success of this yatra is very important to you. This is a yatra of life-time. The desired outcome of this yatra is too important – it is larger than life – it is to get Shakti, Bhakti, shanti and ultimately the Mukti.


What does Mukti mean to you? What do you think need to happen so you can feel mukti? What should the path to mukti look like?


When talking about feeling of Mukti, let me tell you a fascinating story of two yatries who completed their Kaialash yatra last year. The story is about two different people who booked with two different companies – not my clients – just to clarify.


After their return, their friends ask them a question – same question was asked to both of them. The question was – ‘how was your Kailash yatra?’


A simple straight forward question. Can you think that the answers could be different? Yes, the answers were different. And this leads to an eye-opening lesson for us.


Person A said, “oh! It was divine; Absolutely blissful! There is nothing more majestic than Kailash. Nothing!!! Lord Shiva was very graceful to us – he kept the weather clear, we got clear darshan of the Kailash Parbat, we did puja as intended. The people were great. All the staff from the company were very caring. They looked after us very well. There are no superlatives that can justify the magnificence of this place. The energy in this place is palpable. The peace is so overwhelming. I felt liberated. You must go there once to experience this and to connect with Lord Shiva.”


Person B said,”Oh! It was great, it was blissful. Lord Shiva was very graceful to us – he kept the weather clear, we got clear darshan of the Kailash Parbat, but we had so many problems from the company. We could not enjoy. They were lying to us about the inner kora permit, they kept us in substandard hotels, the staff did not care about us when serving the food or water or during other difficult situations. I was so angry that I became mad with the head guide. So many people in our group were feeling tensed and angry all the way in the parikrama. I could not believe they cheated us instead of serving us on a such holy thing….” And so on and on.


Asked again,"Oh that was terrible. But tell me more about Kailash experience. How did you feel?". Person B replied, "It is like heaven, it is very beautiful, but we just did not enjoy the yatra, there were too much tension. The company was very bad. The owners were very greedy…" and so on.


Which person do you think must have felt more bhakti and hence connected with God – person A or person B?


Person A was in a mental state of feeling happy, appreciative, focused, devoted etc – all the positive feelings. He was in positive energy, positive vibe.


Person B was in mental state of stress, anger and fear. He was feeling disturbed and unappreciative. He had all the negative energy. No wonder he was talking about the misfortune more than his spiritual and divine experience.


Do you think Person A had better spiritual experience? I personally think he had better spiritual experience. I am sure you would like to connect with God the same way as this person did.


From religious point of view, this yatra is done for the Mukti of your soul. A stress free soul, a peaceful soul is a source to Mukti. A disturbed mind, doubtful mind or stressed mind will struggle to see the path to Mukti.


So, our goal is to help you feel happy, feel grateful, feel loved and feel spiritual even before your journey starts. And we do this by showing our relentless heartily support to you all the through the whole yatra.


We want the chances of your feeling of Shakti, Bhakti, Shanti and Mukti be enhanced. We want it enhanced as much as possible, at least from what we could do from our part.


So how do you feel stress-free in planning for your Kailash yatra?


Will the time saved on vast amount of research take your stress away? We think that You should not have to spend time in researching, and verifying right from wrong information, analysing incomplete information etc.


Most of your planning should be done for you. You should be spending more of your valuable time on preparing for the yatra. You should be spending less time in planning compared to preparing. Most of your time should be spent focusing on connecting with God.


After reading this, do you believe planning can be done easily and with fun? One good news is that all our clients agree that planning can be easy and fun when simplified and structured.


We are good at simplifying things. With our help, You will simply follow our step by step process. This will fully prepare you for the challenges of the yatra. This preparation is very effective. This preparation will give you confidence. It will also give you peace of mind.


Please click following link to learn about Top 5 secrets of planning and preparing for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.


These tips will help you complete this holy journey successfully, safely and as comfortably as possible.


<<  Top 5 secrets of planning and preparing for successful Kailash Yatra  >>




Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is not a simple day to day travel – it is once-in-life journey and needs lots of thinking, understanding, planning, and preparation. Support from a professional team with high standards is the final thing you need for a successful completion of the yatra.


Finally, the NEXT page on above link gives you aceess to our yatra detail and discount offer

Please go through it by clicking the above link.



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