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Offering 55 to 30 day Nepal volunteering tour packages from Australia for Nursing, teaching, medical, construction, wildlife or more, we privde in providing personalised service and top experience for all Australian travellers departing from any city including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth.

Volunteering in Nepal is increasingly popular with Australians who want to help. Much of rural Nepal is below the poverty line and volunteering in these areas is most beneficial. The locals are very appreciative of this help and form heartfelt connections with these volunteer visitors.

Apart from providing your time in Nepal on these volunteer tours, you as a responsible traveller, have an opportunity to give back to the community you visited by providing one of these, whichever suits you - financial support, expertise, and material contributions to local projects and community initiatives.

Whatever you may choose to do, Sherpa Tours can help by incorporating your style of volunteering into your travel itinerary.




1) Community Involvement and donations or funding.

  • Visiting an orphanages, interacting with children and supporting them.
  • Volunteering in aged care centres (which are non-commercial and poorly managed).


We will organise the transfers to and from the visiting centres.


2) Utilising your time and skills instead of donation.


2a) Medical camps

  • Volunteering in medical camps in rural areas.


2b) Teaching

  • Teaching children in schools-this can be for a day, few days or longer to suit you.
  • For GAP Year or University students, we also provide a month, 3 months or longer periods of a teaching program in rural parts of Nepal.


2c) Helping NGOs

  • Helping the INGO-Bird conservation Nepal


2d) Community Projects

  • Participating in volunteering projects such as; developing school buildings, medical camps and painting. These projects generally run for 2-3 weeks. For groups, customised projects with suitable duration can be organised. Participants are required to raise the funds necessary to carry out these projects.




When you are involved in community activities, you may get an opportunity to live with a nepali home-stay family. This will you to understand socio-culture of Nepal and network with locals.


Volunteering in Nepal is worth considering, a positive boost for all involved.



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