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We carefully select accommodation for you whether it is in the city or on the trek. We want to provide variety to suit your budget. We have a list of good hotels to fit with your budget and level of comfort.


To maximise your experience, you can select from our listed accommodations under three different categories of Homestay, Hill Resorts and City Accommodations. When you want to enjoy the mountain sceneries, sunrise and sunsets, and the cultural and spiritual  beauty of the rural people without going to high altitudes, you can choose 'Hill Resorts'. If you want to have an authentic experience by staying with the locals and seeing how they live in rural parts of Nepal, then you can choose 'Home Stay'.


We are only presenting some examples in this list. We have more choices available. Our standard packages don't include these accommodations. If you want to book any of these accommodations or upgrade our standard  packages to these accommodations then please inquire with us.

List of Accommodations

Gokarna Forest Golf Resort, Kathmandu

Against the backdrop of the snow capped Himalayas, close to the heart of Kathmandu city, South Asia’s finest, and one of the world's most spectacular Golf Resort Courses is stunningly set within 470 acres of the hundreds years old Gokarna Forest Reserve. The main complex, comprises of a mix of subtly majestic Malla period architecture, Rana period lodges, and sanctuaries harmoniously blending with nature.

Rates: From AU $ 160

The Fulbari Resort & Spa, Pokhara

Situated against the beautiful backdrops of the scenic Pokhara Valley and the Annapurna Range, this 5-Star Deluxe Resort Hotel has 165 exquisitely appointed super deluxe accommodations.

Rates: From AU $ 200

Fishtail Lodge, Pokhara

Situated on a peninsula with the Fewa Lake on one side and a forest-covered hill on the other, the Fish Tail Lodge offers spectacular views all round making it a unique lake resort. A choice of 48 standard rooms, central dinning room and bar contained in five ‘rounds’ and 12 deluxe rooms blend in harmony with the landscape.

Rates: From AU $ 150


Built upon a rich tradition of Nepali hospitality and incorporating some of the country’s most exquisite architectural traditions, The Dwarika’s Hotel in Kathmandu is an authentic experience of Nepal’s ancient cultural heritage.

Rates: From AU $ 300


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